Wendy Russell
2 min readDec 14, 2020
written quote from Josh Linkner “Let’s think of imagination and creativity as our most powerful natural resources”.

Let me share a bold statement with you: we’re all born geniuses…..and more specifically, creative geniuses. But unfortunately, so many people misunderstand the word creativity. I can’t tell you how many people say to me “Oh I’m not creative” or “I don’t have a single creative bone in my body.” But they’re comparing themselves to that elusive ‘creative genius’ archetype. Understanding that creativity helps us in every area of our lives will only improve our mental health, it makes us happier and more successful.

Here’s the thing — I’m not suggesting that everyone run out and buy a paint brush and a canvas. I don’t see everyone on the planet trying to become the next Picasso. What I do want the world to know is that there will always and forever be an eight year old in there somewhere that’s itching to get out and have some fun every now and then.

The question is: what activity (or activities) makes you ridiculously happy when you do it?


  • cook something you’ve never tried before or share your fave kitchen hack
  • build a robot
  • share your baking skills
  • make something ie: an idea for an app, an original piece of art, a sketch
  • learn a new dance move
  • compose a piece of music
  • write lyrics to a song
  • share a trick you’re awesome at ie: on a bike, skateboard, juggling, magic, sports-related
  • try a new instrument or show off your skills with an instrument you already know how to play
  • teach a gaming technique
  • sing a song
  • share a makeup technique or try a new makeup technique based on an #influencer YouTube video and see if you can duplicate it
  • frame your fave piece of art in a unique way

Obviously, this list goes on and on and on…use your creative genius to discover yours!

Wishing you stellar mental health + great creative inspiration, Wendy xo

Wendy Russell

Award-winning TV & Film producer, multi-nominated TV host & creator of HGTV Canada’s “She’s Crafty”, Wendy lives for the F word (she’s talking FUN, of course)